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Silverclan Camp

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Silverclan Camp

Post by VortexStar on Thu Oct 22, 2015 4:31 pm

-Silverclan Camp-
The camp is surrounded by water, and a small piece of land makes a bridge into the territory. The trees make well shelter as dens so no one is washed away and easier to ambush enemies.

-Leaders Den-
In a large oak tree they call "The Tree of SilverStar", Their first leader. The tree has moos growing on it, and leaves make a perfect bedding. The tree over looks camp, and isn't hard to climb.

-Medicine Cat's Den-
A tree with ax slits in it, perfect for storing herbs. The tree has a tunnel of squirrel and racoon homes in it, so hurt and sick cats can be safe. A stream runs next to the tree. The trees name is " The Healing tree" for it has many herbs growing around the base.

-Warriors Den-
The warriors sleep in a tree with many branches and thick nettles that keep them safe from the rain and snow. Each warrior has their own branch and nest. The tree is lower so the warriors can get down easily.

The kits and Queens are put in the high cave that's as high as the warriors tree. The cave has stone, but the cats have nests that float just in case. Each nest has feathers or moss to keep the kits warm.

They have a sort-of high tree to keep safe, and each have their own branch like the warriors. The branches are thick so they don't fall off it.

They have the cave next to the Nursery. They are lower, but it's easy to get out of. Their nests are also like the kits, and most elders complain they get treated like kits.

-Fresh Kill pile-
It is located in the middle of camp in a tree trunk so its not washed away by new leaf floods.

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